PC Project Update 3


At long last, the motherboard and hard drives came! Had to eat first, though. Before I even started, I put on Robot Rock by Daft Punk. Then I promptly opened a bunch of YouTube tabs of music.


Above is the motherboard with the CPU inserted.


60 GB SSD SATA drive installed!


Somewhat near the lower right-hand corner of the case is the 3 TB SATA Drive.


And now for one of the more annoying parts of building a computer. The wire management. I swear to God almighty that it took me a good 2-3 hours just getting all of this in the right place. Especially with some of the smaller wires. Sadly, the 2 DVD drives aren’t compatible with the motherboard. I need to see if there is some sort of converter. For now though, the 2 DVD drives have been removed.


Call me Spider-Man because I can weave a web of wires. (Dennis, why? That was terrible. Lol.)


A better look at the chaos.


All I need now are the keyboard, monitor, mouse and the RAM.

That and I messed up part of the installation. You know what that means? I have to take apart all of this. And then put it back together. Help me. I love it! But help me.


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