Things to consider.

Our daily lives have a lot of random things that we see as perfectly normal, but are actually quite strange when you think hard about them. This is a list of my few personal favorites:

-We judge each other very heavily on the pieces of fabric stitched together that we wear on our body. For example, putting on uncomfortable black fabric makes you much more important than soft loose fabric. (Tuxedo and sweatshirts.)

-Every morning, a sound will go off and someone will start talking, prompting everyone in the school to stop what they are doing, stand up in unison, and place a hand on their nipple. (The Pledge of Allegiance.)

-People will pay great amounts of money to buy things meant to protect them, then go out of their way to protect those things instead. (Any article of expensive clothing.)

-A perfectly acceptable part of our adult lives can be spent inhaling smoke and drinking small amounts of poison for enjoyment. (Smoking and alcohol.)

-We consider nature to be a peaceful place, despite the fact that EVERYTHING DIES IN THE WILD. (Watch animal planet. Animals eat other animals after all.)

-We interact and become proficient with several many advanced forms of technology, yet will never come close to understanding how they really work. (calculators, computers, phones.)

-We have a device in our pockets capable of easily accessing every recorded piece of knowledge mankind has EVER collected. We use this device to take pictures of ourselves and send letters to our friends. (Phones.) (And yeah this one wasn’t original, but it is funny)

-One of the central parts of our society is listening to the sounds others make. We will record such sounds, and millions will have the same sound to listen to whenever they feel like it. We take happiness, sadness, enjoyment, and other such emotions from these sounds, and will do our best to replicate them. (Music.)

-There is a species of animals who consider themselves above animals, despite having the same general instincts, interaction, and communication skills of animals. (Humans. Seriously. We are just pack animals who happen to have big fancy gadgets.)

-The chemical that goes through someones brain when they are dumped by their lover is the same emotion that will go through someone’s brain if they are told that everyone they know is dead and they are all alone in the world. (Sadness. But the same amount of it.)

-Our lives are governed by pieces of green paper. These pieces of paper are sometimes valued more that things such as food and water. (Money)

-If given an option between food and a useless piece of metal, most people in the world will take the metal. (Gold)

-The materials of a product affect its value. For example, making a watch out of a very durable, strong, reliable piece of metal (iron) will make it valuable. However, making it out of a weaker, malleable and less reliable piece of metal will make it MUCH more valuable. (Gold.)

-We spend all of our time in school working hard so that we can get into good colleges where we can work hard so we can get good jobs and work even harder so that we can be “successful”. (Life.)

So its 12:00 again, I still count that as Saturday. Oh wait.

-Our lives are measured in little numbers that increase at specific intervals, by which we measure the rise and set of the sun, despite the fact that those numbers are almost always out of sync with the sun. (Time. Why do you think we need Daylight Savings days?)

1 thought on “Things to consider.

  1. I think I like this so much because it’s so true and is just blunt, no beating around the bush. You say it how it is.

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