PC Project Update 2


The power supply came in today. A full 600 watts of power. Sure that may be overkill, but a gaming/all-purpose PC takes up a lot of resources, so this was a necessary feature. It had some weird smell that had appealed to me, oddly enough. Maybe it’s because I’m weird or maybe it’s because I’m getting closer and closer to finishing this.

Anyway, the cables coming from the black box that’s in the bottom left corner of the computer case are still tied up. The screws have been placed and the thing is now a part of the case. Nearly installed it the wrong way. In terms of what needs to go into the computer case, the only things missing are the RAM chips, the motherboard, and the hard drives.

In terms of everything else, I’m looking for a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, and Window 10 Pro for anything less than $140.00.


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