Nostalgia: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Most of us have played Pokemon at one point or another. Its almost an integral part of the childhood of our generation. For anyone who may not have played the games, Pokemon is a game about catching and training up various monsters, and battling others with them. While that sounds boring, it is one of the best experiences of my childhood. I’ve been playing Pokemon for almost 7 years, and though I’ve recently stopped playing the games, I haven’t really stopped loving the series. Though I never got a 3DS, and so am unable to get any of the new games, I’ve more or less kept up with Pokemon Showdown, which is more or less competitive Pokemon.

However, between the Pokemon hacks, the dozens of games, and the competitive online play, I find Pokemon no longer had the special charm it once had. Now, whenever I play a game, I know exactly how I want to build my team, which Pokemon to raise, and which ones to catch. Often, my Pokemon box has 1 or 2 Pokemon that aren’t legendaries, since I barely catch any. My first game, Pokemon Diamond, I filled up my boxes almost to the max, and genuinely enjoyed finding new Pokemon in the wild. (I used my Masterball on a Steelix.) It just doesn’t feel the same anymore.

If anyone gets the new games, I have a challenge for you. Don’t look up anything. With these new games, there will be another hundred some brand new Pokemon (hopefully.) Don’t look up where to find them, don’t look up what they evolve into, don’t look up anything. Just let the game surprise you. Something that kids often do is they dive into their task without any idea what is going on. As teenagers, we are taught to plan and think about our actions. And while that’s good and all, its more fun being a kid sometimes. So, if you still play Pokemon, try running through these new games as they were meant to be played; like an adventure.

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