Book review:Etiquette and Espionage



Most of my favorite books are written by the same author, Gail Carriger. She usually writes about supernatural stories with werewolves and paranormal beings. Her books are mostly  set in the Victorian era. The first book I read that she wrote was Etiquette and Espionage. It follows a young girl in a upper middle class family, and her adventures, which start when she is enrolled in a finishing school for young girls. The school is supposed to be to perfect manners and teach girls how to behave, but it is only a cover for a school training assassins and integrate them into society as agents.

I find this book very entertaining because it gives you glimpses of how girls were treated in those times, the social norms everyone was expected to follow, how people with high social standing treated the people with lower social standing and makes fun of all those aspects while showing people trying to change those customs and remaining realistic (as realistic as you can get with vampires and werewolves).

All of the characters have interesting personalities which develop throughout  the book making it more interesting. Before reading this book I personally did not like the steampunk genre it seemed a little bit ridiculous personally, but I grew to like it as the story progressed.

This book is the first one of the finishing school series, which has four books were Sophronia continues her training with her friends meeting new people and solving mysteries while awaiting for her graduation.

The best part about these books is that their universe expands. For example I read this book first continuing with the rest of the series, now I am reading “The Parasol Protectorate series” and some of the characters in the fist series appear but already grown up. Personally, I find this really endearing when reading because I’m always looking for things mentioned in the other books.

These books have romance, friendship , mysteries and a really interesting and funny vocabulary, so if looking for something to read I would recommend these books.

-Mariana Quintero


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