Artist’s Block

Whenever I have some free time, I take the opportunity to pursue my greatest passion, art. I grab one of my sketch books and sit at my desk with a pencil readily sitting in my hand. A couple minutes pass by and the paper remains blank. Even after a good twenty minutes, there’s nothing on the paper.Artist’s block frustrates me to no end. I know that inspiration is key to breaking artist’s block. For instance, people can be inspired by looking at pleasant paintings, fantastic literature, or beautiful music.These pathways to break artist’s block don’t seem to spark my imagination anymore. I want to create, but my mind is as blank as the paper on my desk.

Recently, I’ve came to realize that my creativity flows more easily when I’m under stress. I know, it sounds bizarre. How can the word stress, a word with such a negative connotation, help me break my artist’s block? Well, stress doesn’t have to be taken and used negatively. I can take that overbearing stress and produce a positive outcome. For example, after doing four hours of homework with a history exam breathing down my neck, I am left feeling pretty overwhelmed. From what I harbor from that stress, I could scream, complain, and shout. Basically, using stress to further the negative atmosphere I am already feeling. However, instead, I could take that stress and release it in more positive outlet, such as art. I find it easier to draw when I am stressed because I am already so frazzled that I want to runaway from my responsibilities. Art, my major passion provides me comfort thus creativity comes more easily since I want to escape.Creativity is something that cannot be forced, it flows naturally. I cannot force myself to draw, but can only use my circumstances to alter the flow of my creativity.

Anyways, I guess you got to make the most of what life offers to you. Sounds cliché, but these phrases are trite for a reason. It’s because they’re true.



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