I walked out of Clementine’s car, one strap of my back pack on, the other hanging loose behind me. I felt the crisp winter breeze blow across my chai face as I waved goodbye. I took small steps towards my garage and raised my arm to enter the oh-so familiar code on the keypad. Just as the buttons glowed up across the panel, I heard a loud BOOM in the distance. Startled, I jumped back and looked around to see what had caused such an upsetting sound. When I raised my eyes upon the long driveway of mine, I saw my mail box- or at least what was left of it, sprawled across the grey asphalt of the main road. In utter shock, I sharply turned my neck to face the culprit, Clementine’s dad.

I stormed across my driveway towards what was left of my mailbox. Picking up the broken pieces of the mailbox in my hands, my eyes shot up towards the faces of the passengers of that 2014 Toyota Camry who were all in utter shock themselves. They offered to help me bring the mailbox back in but, I refused their help. When I faced the driver, Clementine’s dad looked me straight in the eyes and laughed. Once he had finished his chuckle, he told me to tell my dad about the mailbox. And just like that, without offering to pay for the damages or even saying sorry, he got into his car and drove away.

I could feel the heat bubbling up inside of me. I wanted to yell at him and tell him so many things that I knew would regret. I felt like I was about to burst open with anger but I forced myself to feel the calm swaying of the blades of grass against my ankles and the rays of the sun to rest upon my smooth skin. Picking up the mailbox, I placed it into the garage and walked out to the dock. I sat on the ledge of my dock, letting myself breathe as I felt the cool waves tease my toes, easing me into letting my anger release through my nose, out over the endless lake, never to reach me again.

Sometimes, when we are going through a huge crisis or even having a bad day, it’s always good to take a step back and think before acting rashly. We need to learn to handle situations with a good mind set, with a mind of serenity, not of anger. This might mean that you need to step away from a certain situation or even talk to someone understanding. But, above all, before anything, just remember to breathe.




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