Pointless Studying and RNG.

(Off topic, I’m not sure this is worth the ISP anymore. Its day 3 and I’m out of topics that I actually want to post.)

For anyone who has Heath, we have a pretty big test tomorrow. That, along with the FSA and Chemistry quiz, has made tomorrow out to be a rather stressful day. Now I’m sure a lot of people are going to be up late studying, or have been studying for the past few weeks. And I’m not gonna be one of them. I might watch a crash course or two, but for the most part, I don’t see the point of studying for tests like these. I never have.

Now I know studying can be very useful, and studying for things like Spanish or German is probably necessary. Studying for math can also work, especially if you just need the extra practice in general. However, studying for something like AP World History or AP Human Geography has always seem pointless.

Think about it in terms of probability. Assume that the test tomorrow will have 50 questions. Each of those questions will have a sentence in the textbook that answers it perfectly. That means to get a 100% on the test, there are 50 sentences in the textbook that you will need to memorize. Now that might not sound bad, except we have covered almost 20 chapters throughout the year, or almost 1000 pages. Assuming there are around 20 sentences per page, there are 20000 sentences in the book that have the potential to be on the test. Each sentence in the book has a 0.25% chance to be on the test. Now lets say you memorize (word for word) a full chapter, or around 10 pages. (Which is actually kinda short for a chapter.) Seeing as that is around 200 sentences, you will have increased the chances of you getting a perfect score by 1%.  (I know it doesn’t work exactly that way, and I probably did some math wrong, but you get the general idea.)

When looking it like that, things seem rather bleak. Now I’m sure that a lot of people truly think that studying helps them, and that’s fine. This is just my personal opinion on it. A lot of things in life actually seem really pointless when you think about it.

To be blunt, it makes it kind of hard to give it my all. Or maybe that’s just a poor excuse for being lazy. Hell if I know.

2 thoughts on “Pointless Studying and RNG.

  1. I never said writing every day would be easy. It is a called a challenge for a reason after all. I can tell you though, that if you stick with it, you will have accomplished something. It will matter.

  2. I agree, how can they expect us to remember everything from every class and then retain everything so that we can get everything correct on a test that covers everything?

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