Got Bored.

So what I like to do sometimes is just mess around with the lighting on my laptop. No reason. Just like to do it. Already have around 8 different settings under various reference names. I really hope some of you get the reference.


The one you are currently seeing is “JediSith”, named after the red and blue lightsaber colors of Star Wars’ Sith and Jedi respectively. “BlackMesa” is orange due to how all of the Heads Up Display in a certain remake is displayed in orange. I’ve yet to fiddle with the other settings like morphing, flashing, etc.

What I like to do is make and use light settings for various games. For example, with Splinter Cell: Blacklist, I use  green lights for that added tactical espionage feel to the laptop. “BlackMesa” corresponds to what is currently becoming one of my favorite games “Black Mesa”. I should note that “Black Mesa” is a remake of the 1997 game “Half-Life”.

In some cases, I don’t need to do anything. the game automatically detects that it’s on an Alienware system and changes the lights automatically to correspond to the game. One of my favorite strategy games “X-COM: Enemy Unknown” makes the lights a very light blue when I can move my troops and then turns red when the aliens make their moves.

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