Tyler said to write this about League.

Its late and I have spent almost an hour trying to finish up homework. I was waiting for someone else to post but no one has, so I’ll just have to have two in a row. And since thinking is hard at 11 at night I’ll just talk about another video game.

League of Legends, in the most simple of terms, is the best waste of time I’ve had in a long time. Each game takes half and hour to an hour, and can’t be paused or stopped halfway through. Generally I waste two hours a night just playing these matches, and even though I eventually get my homework done, its usually around 11 or 12 in the evening. (Like right now.) The best part is, league matches are often rather intense (if you’re into it), so once you’re finished wasting time, you’re too mentally tired to actually focus on anything worthwhile.

So why do I put myself through this? The simple answer is that I’m rather stupid, or lazy, or whatever. While none of those are incorrect, it feels a bit different. School has always been a side thing, as I’m sure it is for quite a few people. I don’t bad in school, and on occasion I do rather well. But I never take any pride in it, as its not something I put any work into. In all honesty, I do the minimum amount of work that’ll get me a good grade, which is often no work at all. There’s probably a lot of psychological reasons for that and stuff, but I’ll save that for another post, since ideas are hard to come by. However it happens, school is on the whole, rather boring and easy. That’s not me being arrogant, that’s just how I feel. (I do have an F in pre-calc as of now, so that might just be me being stupid.)

That’s where League comes in. The nature of league of legends is that you are matched  up with other people around your skill level, so you are constantly challenged. Winning a game in league often gives a certain feeling that school just can’t match. In games like those, I can actively influence how the game will go. If I play well, or make mistakes, it will have immediate consequences on the game. As such, the entirety of the game is a test of your skill, and waiting for the enemy to make a mistake and utilize that to the fullest. Theres a certain pride I take in winning games that school just can’t give. I’ve spent almost three full months honing my skills, and though I have a long way to go still, its already shown. School just can’t give that challenge. Sure, a lot of tests are very hard, like heaths, but from what I’ve noticed, theres nothing I can do to affect my grade. Either I know it or I don’t, its not worth the effort to study hard when all it will do is give me the knowledge for one question I would have missed otherwise. I’ll continue that talk tomorrow since I’m tired and this is long (I wonder if people actually read these blogs), but League of Legends is a great waste of time. So far, no regrets. (That might change soon, but I’ve never been one to regret bad decisions.)

(^ Famous last words)

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