So I’m probably doing this blog thing wrong.

We’re supposed to be doing this whole blog thing, and in all honesty I’m not even sure if what I’m writing here is gonna end up in the right place or not. I guess I’ll find out in a little bit. I’m going to try for the “one every day” blog thing cause I need ISP, and also because it might be cool writing some things down for the first time. To anyone reading, I will be trying to do this the entire month, so if you don’t like me (I’m sure there’s quite a few of you) feel free to skip over my posts. Some of these posts will likely make no sense anyway, that’s just the nature of my thoughts. And who knows, something might come up and I’ll only do this one. I never know.

Anyway that probably wasn’t one of Spillane’s topics, so I’ll see if I can actually write about something worth talking about.


That wonderful character up there is Sans. He’s from a relatively recent indie game called Undertale. If you’ve played the game, or are even remotely familiar with the game, then you know who he is. If not, I highly recommend looking it up (or better yet, playing it), as it is easily the most unique and well made game I have ever seen. But back on topic, that is Sans. On the surface, he’s simply a lazy, good for nothing skeleton. He’s very laid back, and seems to take nothing seriously, frequently sleeping on the job and putting little effort into anything. Out of all the great characters in the game, hes by far my favorite. But laziness generally hides something deeper, and Sans is no different. However, to see the hidden side of Sans in the game, you have to do some very specific things. After all, darkness cannot exist in the light. Only a monster can bring out the monster in others.

If you haven’t played the game, I know that made absolutely no sense. However, I think I’ll end there. If Β I get the chance, maybe I’ll come back and finish this post, and maybe clear some things up. Maybe. I dunno. I’ll figure out later.


6 thoughts on “So I’m probably doing this blog thing wrong.

  1. You’re not doing it wrong, Kevin! A slice of life post is just what it sounds like, a scene or story from your life. Each slice we write will tell one of our stories. I am curious about the Undertale game. I will have to look it up. What makes it the most unique and well made to you?

  2. a Slice of life post is really just something that has happened in your life, I’m not good at it either!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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