A Look Into “SUPERHOT”

In August of 2013, a group of friends participated in the 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS) game jam. Basically, they had to create a complete FPS (First Person Shooter) in 7 days.

The Result?


That prototype (playable here: http://superhotgame.com/play-prototype/) was released on the Internet and quickly became the talk of all gamers, going so far as to being featured on prominent gaming websites like RPS, PC Gamer, and GiantBomb.

The demo focused on the concept of time only moving when you move.

On February 25 in 2016, a fully realized version was released to the public (at a %10 discount!).

I played the prototype and thought “This is the most innovative shooter I have played in decades!” Naturally, I bought the fully game when it came out for my Laptop.

Now the question is, did the SUPERHOT team expand and refine their main mechanic or did they fail and end up not justifying the $25 price tag?

Well, in short……



While it’s story is somewhat short (clocks in at around 2 hours), the game is a refreshing take on the FPS genre.

The story is not about the player. SUPERHOT is a game about superhot.exe and the whole thing plays out via a MS-DOS-like interface. I seriously suggest picking it up, as spoiling it would ruin all the fun of going through the campaign.

The gameplay was significantly improved and expanded upon. The prototype only had one weapon, a simple pistol. In the full version, the pistol is back, but they added in a double-barrel shotgun, a katana, a bat, a rifle, and various throwable objects. All of these items have their strengths, weaknesses, and purposes in the bigger picture and all are used to great effect. They’re all satisfying to use.

The presentation is also very appealing, being very minimalist and distinct with the player, weapons, and usable objects being black and the enemies being a very bright red against a white setting. This also helps distinguish what objects can be used and where enemies clearly are.

The best part is that once the story is completed, the challenge and endless modes are unlocked, adding in more modes for you to mess around with. My favorite challenge is the KATANAONLY challenge and my favorite map to run with in endless mode is BREAK (I think, that’s its name.)

Overall, SUPERHOT may be a bit on the short side, but it’s fun and satisfying to play.

It makes any person feel like they’re in an action movie or a John Woo movie.


https://killstagram.com/# (This is a website that holds videos of many players’ various runs in SUPERHOT.)

DISCLAIMER: All images are taken straight from superhotgame.com and are the property of the respective creators. Video games do not make killers. All content is killstagram.com belongs to the people who bought, played, and uploaded the footage. This review is protected under fair use.


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