ISA 2015-2016

On Friday January 29, 2016, Cypress Creek High School held its annual ISA (Indian Student Association) festival at the PAC (Auditorium).ISA is sponsored by Mr. Reisner. At the festival, the diversity colors the stage with artistic performances and a fashion show. This festival is one of the few festivals that takes place at Cypress Creek High School that shows our school’s diversity in such a wide spectrum of colors as well as the ASA (Asian Student Association) festival which took place later on Friday February 12, 2016.

The ISA festival occurs in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th period. Every period the performances before the fashion show change, so different students perform different arts. Basically what happens is the students of the ISA first performs by dancing, singing, playing instruments, and etc, then we have our fashion show, and after that the seniors members of ISA have their senior dance.

After the ISA festival is completed, then visitors are provided with Indian snacks that they pay for such as Samosas (triangle shaped deep fried snack with vegetable fillings) and small cartons of mango juice. Also they are provided with henna tattoos which are done by members in ISA.

The ISA students have breaks during 1st, 5th, and 7th period. During 1st period, students are in prepartion for the ISA festival. During 5th period, students have a lunch break. During 7th period, students are capturing ISA moments by socializing with other ISA members and taking photos.

A great thing about the ISA festival is that it does not only bring out the Indian culture, it also brings out the other Southern Asian cultures from places like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Nepal and the West Indies cultures from places like Trinidad.

~ Fatema Hossain

Photo: Neal Mohit

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