A Slice of Life: How I Broke Out of Holding


Just kidding, but this is the only picture i have from the event so far. Anyway, here is an account of the morning I went to the Disney Marathon!

I arrived at the school at 3am for the Disney Marathon. As soon as we got there Bao and I went on a quest to find fun instruments for the pit to play during the marathon. While the winds just bring their instruments and the battery brings their drums, the pit, unfortunately, does not get to bring their marimbas. We settled on crash cymbals, a tambourine and some other stuff I can’t remember. After we loaded the truck and the buses, we set off to Disney World.

When we arrived at Disney World, we attempted to improvise to the “stands tunes.” We normally just dance at football games so this is our only chance in marching band season to play something other than the show. For the first hour or two, this was all that we did, but later I got the chance to play the bass drum in drum line and that was when things really started getting fun. The bass drums didn’t feel that heavy, but after you kept them on for too long, your lower back starts to hurt. This was the first time that I got to play a bass drum and have actual, predetermined music to play. The four base drums all kind of work together to make a layer of music. Oftentimes, one bass drum part doesn’t make much sense by itself because each drum only produces one pitch, but when all of the bass drums are playing their unique parts together, it can sound like a single bass drum playing one part, but with different pitches.

I had a lot of fun playing at the Disney Marathon and I can’t wait to do it again next year!



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