The selection series review

Book review on The Selection series;

The Selection series was a fictional love story or triangle including the characters America, Maxon,and Aspen. Those three along with like the rest of the selected girls. This series was quite interesting and filled with romance and passion. The thing I like about this series is that there a good amount of romance along with “politics” if you will. Basically America is one of the selected girls and amongst one of the Prince’s favorite. Throughout the series America always confused on who she loves but she clearly expresses her feelings about how her country and its government. She gets plenty of chances to express her opinions but feels intimidated with the power given to her.
One word to describe the character of America Singer is complex. Her decisions throughout the books are believable and interesting. My favorite scenes throughout the series include when America has heart to heart conversations with Prince Maxon or Aspen. Even though I don’t necessarily think it’s right to play with two boys feelings at the same time, I actually do believe that she loves both of them. Different kinds of love of course. (Who could blame her though? they’re both awesome!!!) She’s young and confused and I totally understand her situation. She’s very indecisive like a normal teenage girl. I definitely admire her passion though.
Overall, I would recommend this book to those who love a nice, cute love story. There was not a single thing I disliked about this series. It was almost too cute to handle. And, if i’m being honest, while reading these books I felt like I was falling in love with the characters myself. I would most definitely reread this series over and over. I just can’t get enough. I strongly encourage everyone to read this series!

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