Slice of Life-Disney

I am going to write about Disney seeing as I go very often. Disney is the happiest place on Earth is what everyone says and it truly is. I have been thinking about why I love Disney compared to other theme parks I have been to or know about. Here is why, it is a magical place. Every time I go, I feel like there is butterflies in my stomach. I never get tired of Disney because they have so much to offer. They have from Flower and Garden festival at Epcot in Spring to Frozen summer at Hollywood Studios to Food and Wine festival (minus the wine, I only go for the food and concerts series) at Epcot.

There is so much to do! Even without those events, you can still go on a variety of rides at Magic Kingdom to visiting and learning about the world at Epcot to learning the backstage life at Hollywood studios to learning about and having interactions with animals at Animal Kingdom. There is so much to  do just at the theme parks alone.

Then there are the two water parks- Typhoon Lagoon (currently closed until March) and Blizzard Beach (currently open). Both water parks are so unique and fun in their own way. If you want a more relaxed family feel, go to Typhoon Lagoon but if you want more water slides and thrill go to Blizzard Beach. To add onto more fun things to do, there is Disney Springs which has a movie theater, Disney Quest (this will be closing this year so hurry up if you haven’t been!), Cirque Du Soleil, and many shops to go and look around in.

Even though most of these things aren’t free, there is also  a lot to do for free at the Disney World resort. You can take a trip on the monorails for fun and look around in the lobbies of hotels. You can even get a free lei form the Hawaiian themed hotel located near Magic Kingdom.

There is just so much to do and that is one reason why I love Disney. The other reason is they never let you lose the magic of entering and having a special day at the parks. I may just go to see one concert during Food and Wine festival or I may go for a couple of hours to one of the parks for fun. Whatever it is, I always feel fulfilled at the end of the day just because of how the cast members treat everyone, they always want to make your visit one of the best days you have every had.

Also just entering the park is fun because when I enter the parking lot, the people at the pay booth are always so sweet and the people guiding traffic into parking spaces dance or do something silly. When you actually enter the park it is like you are taken into a whole other universe of fun and happiness.

This is why I like Disney the most, they go out of their way to make sure there is a lot to do and that every visit is perfect. Thanks you Disney for making everything a bit more magical.

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