Slice of life:Family Outing

Sometimes, when my dad tells me we are going out I just want to stay at home and sleep. I’m pretty sure everybody gets in the “Stay at home and lay down all day” mood and it’s not only me, but when your grandparents start giving you disappointed looks you know it’s time to shut up and do what they tell you to do.

This time around we went to the Orlando Science Center and I really was not that excited. Don’t get me wrong I love going to museums and the like, but if you go once to the Orlando Science Center  you’ve basically seen it all and there’s nothing new.IMG_20160102_132941.jpg

So we went in and saw the laser show (which was really awkward in my opinion) and my little brother didn’t really like it,  I found that hilarious since that’s the type of thing he watches on YouTube. So, five minutes in he just screams “Mommy, I don’t like it can we get out?” and then my stepmom freaks out and tells him to be quiet and watch it since we went in for him.

When we got out we browsed for awhile and saw some of the science games. We played with my brother ,and my grandparents enjoyed all the things they had to show.


It was actually nice to see the things again and see my little brother enjoying himself so I wasn’t really bored. I think there were actually a couple of new things, but for the kids, like a little park on the entrance and we got to see the science show which was new to me.

But my favorite part was the little puzzle table with things to solve which was hard for me ( Even though it is for little kids) and I got really  excited when I solved 2 of the three puzzles.

When we headed home I realized I did  not get bored and enjoyed my time with my family, we had fun family quality time.

*All images were taken from my phone in the Orlando Science Center.

  • Mariana Quintero.

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