Slice of Life:Changing with Copic’s

Recently for Christmas, I received a set of markers. I know, it sounds rather strange. Instead of the latest iPhone or a hoverboard, I asked for a set of markers. However, these markers are special.  The set I received cost around 100 dollars and is called the “Ciao Copic Markers 24 PC Basic Set.”I know a Crayola set or BIC set of markers are way cheaper in comparison, but the markers I got are known as “Copic”. They are top quality alcohol based markers that are renowned in the Japanese manga making industry. I know what I’m conveying  is similar to saying, ” I want to go to Harvard University because I read that Harvard is the best college in the U.S.” I didn’t want Copic’s because of it’s expensive price tag or prestige, I wanted Copic’s because I’m passionate about moving my art to the next level.

Getting new art supplies absolutely thrills me.Knowing that I am able to further myself as an artist motivates me to work harder. As I am progressing my skills, I feel like the quality of art supplies progresses as well. I’m not saying that you can’t be great artist if you don’t have stellar supplies, but for me personally, I want to be able to experience all mediums possible. To be well rounded is important in any field.

Basically, Copic’s are just another change of medium to help improve myself.

On Christmas Day, I ended up sketching all day long. I decided to make a comparison between BIC and Copic. I prefer the Copic’s due to its rich color and flexibility with the nib. The BIC set is great, however it shows more streaks and has a unsaturated look to it.

Also, I decided to drop an extra sketch for fun. I enjoy my Copic’s in the meantime, but I hope to progress to my next set of art supplies soon.

*All Photo’s are produced by me and were taken by my phone.





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