Are You Ready for Football?: Previewing the Euros 2016


The UEFA European Championship is one of  the most highly anticipated football tournaments worldwide. This competition sends twenty-four European national teams head-to-head to battle for supremacy in European football. These twenty-four teams qualified over twenty-nine other teams in the preliminary rounds. A drawing placed the competing nations into six groups of four teams each. There are multiple rounds of matches before the top two teams face-off in the final. These include the round of 16 knockout phase, quarter-finals, and semi-finals that add up to a total of fifty-one games.

     There are many on-going arguments over which team will come out on top. Spain is the two-time reigning champ of European football. Even with their recent World Cup disappoint, many have placed bets on a third win. Others believe that the 2014 World Cup champions, Germany, will win this tournament. However, some argue that the golden age of the German national team has passed because key players like Miroslav Klose retired from international football and the rest of the squad is aging. Other highly regarded teams include England and Portugal. Will the favorites take the title or will there be a dark horse that rises to challenge them? The only way to find out is to tune into the final on July 10th next summer!




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