Charger crisis


For those who have iPhones, don’t you hate when your charger breaks? You desperately look for a replacement and sure enough you find out at the convenient store (walgreens) for just 5 dollars. At the Apple Store it’s 15. The only problem is that the one at the convenient store isn’t Apple brand. You don’t know if it’ll work the same. Worth the risk? Here’s what I discovered.

After looking through some research, I have discovered that really you’re better off going to the Apple Store and swallowing the 15 dollar charge. The only benefit of the convenient store (Walgreens) charger is that it’s cheaper, 1/3 of the cost. Other than that, the convenient store (Walgreens) charger falls well short. The chargers have just a 1* review rating on their own website (, and are said not to last long on any website I have seen. From personal experience I have noticed that the off brand chargers even get denied by your phone after awhile and your phone will display (this is not a certified charger) and it’ll stop charging. You’ll only end up back to where you began, no charger. To top it all off, Apple actually offers replace chargers if your charger breaks. So the Apple brand iPhone charger is definitely superior!

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