The big question

there comes a point in your life where you start to put the barbie dolls and toy cars down and suddenly your life is behind a screen. None of the kiddy stuff seem to interest you anymore and something else catches your eyes. A new bright, and shiney laptop! Now you’re sitting down with your parents making the hardest decision of your life… Do you want a 12-in Macbook or a Pro Surface 3? Now a days this is the biggest rivalry between technology and you have to pick one side, which one do you choose? Not only is this the most important and nerve wrecking decision ever but also creates boundaries between you.. and the opposing side.

The biggest competition between technology right now would be Windows vs. Apple and their amazing laptops the 12-in Macbook and Pro Surface 3. The Pro Surface 3 is smaller and easier to carry than a Macbook. Not only can you detach the keyboard from the screen, now giving you a tablet. But! It is also touch screen saving you all the extra noise and tippy tappy of the keyboard. The Macbook storage only comes in 256gb or 512gb, while the Pro Surface comes in 64gb, 128gb, 256gb, AND 512gb giving you the choice to choose between whatever storage is enough for you! The camera for a Macbook is 450p and only with a front camera, while the Pro Surface front camera is 5MP front AND the back camera which is 5MP! The price varies but a Macbook $1,300 while the Surface Pro is only $930. Well what are you waiting for? Go to the store right now and get yourself a Pro Surface 3!


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