Snapchat VS. Instagram


Two of the greatest photo and video sharing apps in all of social media, but which is better? Both apps provide a great deal of entertainment and connection of people. In both apps, you can snap photos, record short videos, and add filters. In a recent update, Snapchat completely changed the game with face-reading filters that allow users to add silly and funny faces to their snaps. In my opinion, this new update is a fun option for everyone. Snapchat also allows users to draw on their snaps with a wide array of colors. One of the features that Snapchat was most famous for was the ability for users to control how long a viewer could see their snap. This sets it apart from Instagram where everything can be viewed for longer than a short 10 seconds. However, many people take a fun advantage over the timer and use it to send hilariously embarrassing selfies.

For instagram, you can easily comment and like pictures. In Snapchat, there is no feature like this. Commenting and liking pictures helps connect users and leave room for longer conversations. Another bonus in Instagram is that you can edit your photos in detail and even use hashtags which groups photos. Hashtags are useful when users are trying to find a certain topic and they are also good for campaigns and spreading trends.

In my opinion, I believe that Snapchat is a better app because of its higher entertainment value and simple and quick overall features.

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