In the Bri-ze

I had just gotten home when my best friend texted me saying she had arrived. I rushed outside and embraced her. She dropped her stuff off in my room and our sleepover had begun. We walked outside and decided to go on a photo-shoot adventure with her new camera. Exploring my neighborhood, I found an open field next to a lake. My best friend slipped into a professional photographer act and told me what to do. It was a crisp afternoon with the sun shining right into my eyes. She told me to jump in the air to represent my happiness. So, I did.

She captured the moment with just a click of a button. The second that I was separated from my shadow was held in an electronic device. The space of time between my hands touching the clouds and gravity pulling me back down to the Earth engulfed me. The second of eternity blessed my soul and took over my life. Life isn’t about your destination, it is about the journey. In mid-air, fresh oxygen filled my lungs and the wind blew through my hair while I enjoyed the positive vibes in life.


Feelin' the Bri-ze
Feelin’ the Bri-ze


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