iPhone 6 vs Galaxy 6

In today’s society everyone reaches into their pocket and pulls out their cell phones. But the biggest battle is probably deciding what new phone you want for your birthday. The bigger question is apple or android? As you walk into the electronic shop to get the latest gadget your eyes land on the new Galaxy S6 by Samsung and your mouth begins to water because of the 557 ppi resolution. You turn to the other direction and boom! There’s Apple’s latest product the iPhone 6. How far will appearances take you? It’s time to get a little bit more informed about what exactly you’re buying.

Both iPhone and Galaxy have many similar features, such as 4G LTE, high prices, finger sensor, and high quality camera. They also share some cons such as no removable battery and low battery life. But overall the Galaxy S6 by Samsung has to be the winner of this battle because they provide 32 GB of storage while iPhone only offers half of that. They are also more durable than the iPhone because they have scratch resistance and gorilla glass. So next time you go out to get a new phone, make sure to do all your research ahead of time to get the benefits you deserve!



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