iPad Air 2 vs Microsoft Surface 3

The Apple iPad Air 2 and the Microsoft Surface 3 tablets, while similar in price ($570 and $600 respectively), couldn’t be more different. First, for $570, you can get 64GB of capacity with the Apple iPad Air, but can get double the capacity for only $30 dollars more with the Microsoft tablet. With this extra money, you also get a larger screen. What the Microsoft tablet doesn’t have, though, is color options. It is only carried in silver. On the other hand, the Apple tablet comes in silver, “Space Gray”, and gold. This allows customers to personalize their tablet, which may contribute to Apple’s slightly higher ratings. Also contributing to its high ratings are its light weight and compact structure, as described by many reviewers. Regarding battery life, Microsoft Surface 3 tablet customers were generally very pleased. Many customers, though, were disappointed in Apple’s battery life.

Overall, customers for both brands said that they would recommend the product to others. Which tablet would be a better purchase depends on the personal needs and preferences of the buyer. The Microsoft tablet, however, appears to have a better value. You get a greater storage and a larger screen for nearly the same amount of money. You would likely get more use out of the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet than the Apple iPad Air 2, it would be a reasonable investment.

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