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These days music surrounds us all. It is a global phenomenon that connects us to other parts of the word. Many companies have started music streaming services, for example Spotify and Pandora, but which one is better, which one can offer the most music, and which one has less of those annoying commercials every five songs? So, we will start with the basics. There is a free version of Pandora and Spotify as well. For a paid subscription, Pandora charges $5/month or $55/year, while Spotify charges $10/month and has no yearly payment. Next we have audio formats. Pandora’s audio formats are 64 Kbps/192 Kbps AAC paid while Spotify has 96-160 Kbps/ 320 Kbps paid. Note that Kbps stands for “kilobits per second” which means the higher number of Kbps the better sound quality their music has. Also pay attention to how Pandora has 192 Kbps AAC, the AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. We’ve now come to compatibility. Pandora is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, Nook, and Windows phones. Spotify is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows phones. Both companies, for the most part, serve the same devices, except for the two reading devices Pandora also provides. Some things that could be worth noting are Pandora has a “Discovery” feature that helps you find songs and artists similar to those you like and it can create up to 100 different stations. Spotify has a 96-Kbps option for cell phone users to lessen data usage.

A possible downside for Spotify is that free users cannot listen to songs on demand and can only skip five songs per hour. Probably the most important characteristic is the amount of songs they carry in their library. Pandora has 1.5 million songs in their library while Spotify has a more than 30 million in their library. Overall I think Spotify would be a better option. First off, their music quality is better, even in the free version. Second, they most definitely have more songs available, even if you become a free user and cannot access demanded songs, there are still many more songs than in Pandora. Although Spotify doesn’t serve Nooks and Kindle Fires and their price may be more expensive than Pandora, if you’re looking for good quality and quantity of music, Spotify definitely has it.

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