Expression in IB

After my class took the spotty PSAT our teacher Mrs.Spillane introduced us to a game called boggle.By how loud the classroom was it sounded like we all enjoyed it. It was entertaining as well intense due to the fact if you won, you get candy. That could have been a reason why a lot of people became competitive, Like who doesn’t love candy? Later in the day Mrs.Spillane recommended if we wanted to do Karaoke almost every student begged for Karaoke. More than I expected! For educational purposes we titled it ” Presentation Talking skills. ” It was hilarious and shocking now knowing that some students have a really good voice box!

It hit me when we were just finishing up. We are all IB sophomores in other words we pull all nighters just to study and do homework for our vigorous classes we take . We all treat each other with respect and like family because we help each other when we need it. I look at IB not only a place where a group of students that understand and accept education, as well appreciates it. But more of a place of expression for example when we finished up on Karaoke I noticed that even if you didn’t do a good job in singing  we all had fun because you were expressing yourself. Seeing everyone personality fill with joy was a very interesting and cheerful day.stock photo

1 thought on “Expression in IB

  1. I was definitely surprised that folks wanted to sing Karaoke! It was fun though and you are right about peoples’ voices.

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