Comparing Apple to Samsung- Which one will win?


Apple versus Samsung can be a debatable topic that arises very often when purchasing a new smartphone. Which one is better? To put it simply, the iPhone beats the Samsung smartphones because of its consistency, operating system, and aesthetic. The Samsung smartphones has its ups and downs but the iPhone is clearly the winner when it comes to these categories.

The iPhone, unlike Samsung, is the definition of consistency. Samsung’s smartphone product is vast and eclectic, however that doesn’t mean every smartphone they present to the market has a consistency in quality. Apple has a limited product range because it wants to sell you the wealthiest aspect of the market, thus apple customers have better reviews on quality experience when purchasing an iPhone. Also, the iPhone beats Samsung in terms of operating systems. Samsung uses an Android OS, and the OS  used displays a plethora of colors that makes it look tacky. The iPhone’s OS presents itself in clean simple way without the colorful headache.In addition, when multiple apps and browsers are open their OS tends to lag or even crash unlike the iPhone’s performance. Another plus to the iPhone is its aesthetic. The Samsung phones are known for their bulky cheap plastic exterior. The iPhone offers a sleek design without the bulkiness. For instance, the iPhone 6 displays a sleek aluminum finish. This design puts the majority of Samsung’s plastic phones to shame, however Samsung only recently began to use the sleek aluminum design in their most recent phone, the S6 edge. Therefore the  iPhone has always been at the top in terms of design longer than Samsung. So when you’re contemplating between Apple and Samsung, the winner is Apple.

Written by Jessica Lall.


1 thought on “Comparing Apple to Samsung- Which one will win?

  1. Good job comparing devices, Jessica. You know what I love about plastic? It’s not (usually) heavy enough to cause a screen to shatter. I bought an iPhone because it connects to iTunes and my investments in other Apple products. But other folks in my family chose Samsung as they have higher ratings in areas they cared about. I do love my iPhone, but I must say I bought the plastic version, the 5c.

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