A Never Ending Comparison


One of the most continuous rivalries of all time include the Apple company versus the Android company. The two of them distribute the absoluteness of advanced technology in the entirety of the world. Following their latest and most popular smartphone release, there is a clear competition of which one works best. Apple usually exceeds Android’s sales, and I am determined to present research on why that is true. The iPhone 6s provides a live photo option in order to capture moments before and after the picture is taken. In contrast, the S6 Edge+ does not have life photos. Instead, it has a larger 17 megapixel HD camera than the iPhone’s 12 megapixel camera. The S6 Edge+ does not have 3D touch either, operating on widgets which are less simple than the iPhone’s 3D touch. Both smartphones have memory cards built inside of it, however the iPhone 6s’ storage of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB surpasses the storage of the S6 Edge+’ of 32GB and 64GB.

Thus, the A9 chip inside of an iPhone 6s’ delivers up to 70% faster CPU performance. The S6 Edge+ lacks of this chip and of the iPhone 6s’ design. It only comes in classic white, meanwhile the iPhone offers a variety of colors such as rose gold, space gray, silver, and gold. It’s beauty, 4.7-inch diagonal display, and battery that lasts up to 10 hours attracts more customers than those of the S6 Edge+. According to Apple.com, the cost of iPhone 6s begins at $649.00 with any phone company. As for the S6 Edge+, prices begin at $780 with any phone company. Indeed, the iPhone 6s is superior in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. Thirteen million iPhone 6s’ were sold within the first week of release, and fifteen thousand S6 Edge+’ were sold in its first week too. Apple has once again proven why they are the best smartphone company in the world.

Written by Gabriela Rodriguez, Period 1.

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