Music and its Wonder

I’ve been playing Piano for 5 years and I always seem to forget the joy I get from it when I get so caught up in exams and my studies. Music truly is a beautiful thing that should be admired by everyone. It is not only a hobby that you do in your free time, it is also a passion and an art that inspires and makes you do great and revolutionary things. From experience, I can tell you that music has the power to take you to another world and make you forget your problems for an instant. Music can also help stimulate emotions and bring you up when your down.

I’ve learned a great deal of things from piano that have helped me develop as a person. One of those things is putting myself out there and present myself in front of a crowd of people, something I used to never be able to do. Music also helps develop your memorization and learning skills. Reading music is like reading a new language, and in piano you have to read two lines at the same time for both of your hands! After years of practice, however, you get the hang of it and you slowly realize that your memory and coordination skills improve. Music is just something that has brought some spice in my life and brings joy to many others.

Piano m8

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