Summertime in Orlando: An Invitation for Visitors


As school is ending and summer is just beginning, we Floridians start to see a peak in temperature and rainfall – as well as tourists from all over the world. It’s always wonderful to have visitors at our place, and this weekend we had guests from India stay with us for a bit. My mom’s cousin came to visit us with her family, and it was really nice – since I had never met her kids. I was thrilled to find out that their daughter, Khushi (meaning happiness!) was about as old as I; We could discuss a lot together. I quickly introduced myself to her, while my brother became acquainted with their son, Shlok. Talking to Khushi made me realize how different life in India is for the typical teenager, compared to here in the United States.

After we had dinner, I started to talk to Khushi about their travel plans. Since their family was staying at the Disney Resort, they only stayed with us for one night, but I was able to suggest some of the best attractions in the places they planned to visit. Yesterday, they visited the Kennedy Space Center, and upon returning, Khushi was thrilled to talk about her day. It made me realize that Florida is not all about theme parks – but also nature, science, and history. We sometimes take these other places in Orlando for granted, when they actually have a lot to offer and teach us. Our guests left yesterday after having dinner with us to return to their resort, and prepare for the next few days – when they will be visiting some of the theme parks. I hope they have a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to talking to Khushi again about her experiences.

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