A Little Taste of Growing Up

Growing up is such a bittersweet thing that every one of us encounter day by day. There is one day each year that highlights this bittersweet feeling when we celebrate the day we were born. It marks the passing of another year of life; it is also simultaneously a time of reflection and of looking forward to the future and milestones on the horizon. The most poignant of these is probably the day you turn 18. It is the coming of age birthday. You finally achieve recognition as an adult but haven’t just yet shed the innocence of earlier teenage years. It is a pivotal time and an exciting one.

photo (45)

I got to celebrate my sister, Alissa’s coming of age yesterday, March 6, 2015. It truly marks the beginning of her life and it saddens me that one day she won’t live with me because of the fact that she’ll be off to college living her life. With the scary responsibilities that come with turning 18, I don’t know how she’s keeping it all together. With her turning of age, Alissa  decided to spend it at Cafe Tutu Tango, because of the amazing food and the flamenco dancers. It was a night to remember and I’m glad I got to spend every second of it with her and see what she has made of herself for the past 18 years.

2 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Growing Up

  1. Each new stage of your life brings new adventures. Celebrate that! Yep, life can be scary, but it is clear you are a smart young lady. You’ll be fine. PS- great place to celebrate your birthday! Your teacher, Mrs. Spillane, and I ate there with our families when I was visiting. Small world!

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