It’s Pageant Season!

It was a close call this time. I almost forgot to do this!

     This is the time of the year where life gets pretty crazy. Quarter 2 grades come to a close, a new year awaits, and pageants take off at full speed. Now, I’m not going to go into great detail, but pageants are time consuming. For me, the past three days have been absolutely crazy. I had to walk a 40 foot long runway in 6 inch heels, smile until my cheeks started to twitch, and answer the question, If you were President of the United States of America for one hour and had a press conference, what would you talk about?, on the spot in front of an audience and panel of judges. It’s a lot more stressful than it seems.

     I think it’s safe to say that I did well. I placed Top 8 and won Talent and Spokesmodel. Determination is all it really takes. One day all the pieces will come together.

*Future Miss America’s Outstanding Teen*

It sounds highly unlikely, but I’m going to work for it.

photo (6)

1 thought on “It’s Pageant Season!

  1. I don’t think it sounds unlikely at all! I can’t imagine the hours of hard work that go into pageants! Everyone always looks so poised and beautiful! It can’t be easy. Glad you found time to Slice.

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