Pumpkins, Turkeys, & Trees!

This is one of those times where I longingly wish for snow here in the Sunshine state… *Sigh*

Hello everyone! Today’s my day to bore you with my musings, and today’s topic would touch upon the closeness of the holiday seasons.

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s just something about the holiday seasons that charges the air with merriment and joy. All the flurry of festivities coming up in the next 2 months gives me something to hope for and be happy about; even the temperatures  have started to dip here and there, truly giving us Floridians a whole new kind of atmosphere and feel during this time of the year. After months of high 80-somethings, our sweat has finally cooled, and now it’s time to breathe in the chilly air of Fall and Winter. We also now have the rare opportunity to put on our “winter” clothes, such as sweaters and scarves though the temperatures drop at only 60 degrees–to us Floridians that’s a big deal!

Just around last week when the temperature have noticeably dropped, I remember coming out of first period and looking at fog blanketing Cypress Creek. It was such a sight to behold that it even brought a slight spring to my step and lifted my mood. Just that small shift of weather released feelings within me I haven’t felt in a while–wonder, awe, and genuine enthusiasm for the coming weeks ahead.

I guess ladies and gentlemen, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very much in love with the holiday seasons. The changes it brings, the traditions, and cherished memories I have of it–all are priceless. Friends and families come a little closer, festive songs are sung, delicious foods are cooked, bright lights twinkle in every corner, gifts are given and opened…I can go on forever! But I won’t since many of you guys probably haven’t reached this far in my post anyway. 

If you have reached this far, please feel free to share your own thoughts about the holiday seasons! What kind of special memories and feelings do you have during this time of the year? Share below, and thank you guys for reading my post!

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time
It’s The Most Wonderful Time
It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”

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