NO Light

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

                                                                                 – Edgar Allan Poe


It’s getting late and everything is pitch black except the hallway. After brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, she closes the bathroom door. All day she felt like something was stalking her; watching her from the shadows of the corners. The kids were out with the husband and she has the house all to herself. All she wants is a good night sleep. After closing the bathroom door she headed to her bedroom and turned off the hallway light. She took one last glimpse of the hallway and she noticed a figure in the darkness. It can’t be, she’s by herself. No one should be in  the house. She turns the light back on and sees that the figure is gone. She’s confused so she turns it back off and right then and there the figure pops up again. She can’t believe her eyes, this can’t be happening. She takes a closer look and she sees that the figure resembles a female type structure. It seem to be staring right back at her but she can’t make out the face. She keeps flicking the lights, trying to grasp a hold of the reality. Then suddenly, the figure popped up right in front of her like daisies in spring. She quickly turns the light back on and the figure disappears. She’s scared out of her mind and decides to keep the lights on. She grabs the duck tape out of her drawer and tapes the hallway light switch on. After, she realizes that maybe it’s her mind playing with her and all she needs is a good night sleep. She leaves the door halfway open to check on the hallway from her bed, turns off the light in her bedroom and crawls into bed with the lamp still on. As she closes her eyes, she can’t help but feel like something is wrong. Then suddenly she hears the tape from the hallway light switch being slowly peeled off. She opens her eyes, too afraid to even get out of her bed and watches the door to the hallway. After a few minutes, the lights shut off and sounds of footsteps surround her bedroom door. Out of fear, she leaps under the blanket and closers her eyes. Everything is dead silent and she can’t help it. She opens her eyes. She tries to take a little peek out of her blanket to check her surroundings.  All she’s sees is a very dark hallway and a fully open door. She leaps back and shuts her eyes. She notices the lamp flickering and makes a small hole in the blanket and tries to grasp the extension cable. She wants to make sure that the cable in tightly in so the lamp does go dark too. After a little struggle, she finally puts it in and jumps back to her cave. SHe clutches for her insanity and braces for impact. Expecting the worse, all she hears is a switch. She opens her eyes and peeks out of the blanket and sees that the hallway light is back on. She pops her head out of the blanket and a sigh of relief is let out. She looks around and starts to smile. It was all in her mind, nothing to worry about. Until she looked to the lamp and sees a girl with jagged teeth and all white eye. Before she could let out a scream, the figure smiles and turns off the lights.

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