Don’t Give Up

So, I know this says it’s Clara’s account, but it’s actually Mari Nicole typing this right now. Frankly, 31students is not under my dashboard, so I resorted to hacking my best friend.

     I’m kidding, I politely asked her to help me out.

Also, enjoy the awkward picture of me singing.

     Ever since I was a little girl, singing was my passion. I was always so determined to make something out of my singing, but as I got older, the dream seemed unrealistic. In all honesty, there are so many amazing singers out in this world. What are the chances of me succeeding with my singing? Like my mom always said, “There’s no harm in trying.”

     I took what my mom said to heart. There really is no harm in trying, especially something like singing. I did everything I could possibly do. Competitions, showcases, auditions, and more, I did it. One after the other, year after year, nothing seemed to result from my hard work. I was devastated.

     Recently, something urged me to keep trying. I wasn’t supposed to give up. On October 18, I was granted with the opportunity to perform at a talent showcase. In my mind I thought it would be the same thing all over again. Little did I know, my life was going to change. After I had performed, a model/talent agent approached me. He expressed how he was interested in me coming to his office to discuss some opportunities that could be available for me. I was over the moon with excitement, and I couldn’t thank him enough.

     My journey is only beginning. This is just my first step. I have so many goals in my mind, and I am determined to achieve them. Never give up on your dreams because hard work will always pay off.

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