Everyone has that moment when they have the desire to travel. What better way to travel than by road trip? It is cheaper compare to airplanes, you can travel different states and experience the nature surrounding. Not everyone has a good experience when it comes to road trips but with good music and friends to talk to, you could save time to the epic boredom. They’re great for those who are willing to experience their country. With the right music and people, you will get ecstatic looking onwards to adventure. There I was stuck in my memories, going on a road-trip to see something new that been here before I was born. I had crossed over the Old Tampa Bay bridge as I was going to a competition for band. My first and last time to cross over something so significant and beautiful. The lighting was perfect as I admire the sea and as it passed by. Before I even know it, the flashbacks have ended with many happy surrounds, even if there were no achievements, I knew I’ve made this day worth something.

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