Another Day at the Hospital

Volunteering at Dr. Phillips hospital is always an interesting experience. At the nurse’s station there is always movement, with nurses getting phone calls left and right and doctors walking all over the place signing prescriptions and looking at the patients. It is interesting observing the behind the scenes of the hospital environment; it’s a completely different experience compared to all the other times I’ve been at the hospital to visit a family member. Even though I don’t do much, I take enjoyment in just seeing the doctors and nurses talking on the phone, seeing them get the job done, and reading the patient list and the health problems they have. Every week there is always something new and unexpected when it comes to the patients.

Now I don’t just sit and look around I also have things to do; this gives me a feeling of being part of the process which is pretty cool. I organize medical records and file papers for the most part, this the interesting part because it allows me to see what is the problem with each patient. I also refill water cups for patients who aren’t in isolation, and other small things like disinfecting areas and checking printing paper. Overall, volunteering at the hospital is a nice change of pace form all the school work and I take an enjoyment to it and it makes me feel part of a community I dream of being a part of in my future career.

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