The drama department strikes again!

As the new year started, the drama department was ready to bring on their A game once again! No surprise there. With all the construction going on and a crammed schedule, it seemed like a very difficult task to put on a full play this early in the year. But with the brilliant Mr. Williams and Mr. Kahn,  anything is possible!

I, myself am in the drama program. I was a part of the mainstage musical, The Addams Family, last spring. I know what it is like to work with a crammed schedule. Trying to learn your part, going to rehearsal, doing all your homework AND getting sleep is not so easy.

I have to say, they pulled it off. I found it very funny. The character development was really great. The person that played Colonel Wainright Purdy lll played with his voice (different volumes, tones, raspiness) and it made his character sound even better.  The guy that played Sakini was perfect for that role. He really stepped up to the plate and made it engaging for the whole audience. The set pieces were amazing as always. The teahouse was the most impressive. I also liked the way they did the lights to fit the mood. The cast had to learn some Japanese, and hey, it might not have been perfect Japanese, but it sounded pretty good. They had a choreographed wrestling scene and it was ecstatic. It was engaging to see. A job well done. They also had a GOAT! A REAL GOAT! It was the cutest thing!

Playbill for the mainstage play at Cypress Creek High School
Playbill for the mainstage play at Cypress Creek High School

I think the cast, crew, and directors did a very good job. I’m sure it is a very stressful thing to put on a show this early in the year. I mean, auditions were the first week of school! Props to all of them. I take pride in saying that I am a part of the drama program at CCHS, and with each show my pride keeps growing! Everyone is wonderful and the productions never disappoint!

When February comes around, make sure to come see the wonderful drama program take on our Mainstage musical, Grease! Stay tuned!

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