My Friday went like this…

I am making this on a different day because i did not find the email for this blog at first. Today was the day for two things in my life that I actually cared for. The new Super Smash for 3DS came out and i made a video for my youtube channel. I waited all school day just to be able to get home and make/play those things. Today was also the last day for my club membership forms so i had to rush those things to the club officers. AS soon as school ended though i went to my badminton club first. After i got home i realized that my mom wasn’t home either and so i had to spend the next 3-4 hours anxiously waiting for her arrival. During this time  decided to make a youtube video. It wasn’t a gaming video it was a slide show of pictures with the Legend of Zelda song in the background. When my mom finally returned however she said i coudn’t play until the next day. I was so sad. Well that sums up my Friday. If you guys can check out my youtube hannel at this link ( Please Subscribe. Thanks!

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