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From 5/7/14:

Today, I sit here with piles of homework wondering where I’ll be in a month- how I’ll be relaxing, how I’ll manage to squeeze the very memory of school out of my head; because a month from today, I’ll be on summer vacation!

Our English teacher, Mrs. Spillane calls this ‘disease’ or ‘syndrome’ “summeritis”- where you slack off on the last part of school in anticipation for the summer. I know that I still have an AP exam to finish (ew!), lots of work, and a bunch of finals still, but every time I start my homework I get visions of what summer will be, and I just stop. Is there a cure for this?

It seems so close and yet so far. I ask myself: ‘Why haven’t I been this concerned about the end of the year all year long? Why does the countdown start now?’ I wish the countdown waited for a better time, since it is too far away, and at this point it’s just taunting me.

One thing that I have reflected back on as this disease has progressed was how fortunate and happy I am that we have summer. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to start the next year with a fresh start, and would probably have developed permanent or chronic summeritis. As an IB student who cares too much about my grades, that is definitely not a good thing.

There’s something more to this phenomena. Summer will bring happiness, joy, fun, relaxation, an absence of stress, and eventually boredom. For me, it will bring a time filled with family that I haven’t seen in 6 months. The school year is cyclic, and so are our lives. We spend our entire school day waiting for 2:11. We spend our entire week waiting for Friday. We spend our weeks waiting for the next long weekend or break. We spend our entire year waiting for summer. Our entire school career waiting to graduate. And then what? Will we wait to graduate college? Then, will we wait to get a promotion to get into a comfortable position? Will we continue to wait and long for a marriage partner? And then when we have kids, will we keep waiting for them to grow up so that they are easier to deal with? Will we wait for retirement? Is that when we’ll finally be happy? But even if so, for how long, and how much time did we waste getting there?

Is there a cure to summeritis? A cure to…lifeitis? It’s a hard fix. We wait for a reason. There’s a reason why there’s countless sayings about it: “The grass is always greener on the other side.”, for example. There’s always something that we’re excited for, always something that is happening now that we don’t like. We long for summer to be over because of the hot weather, then we want winter to go away because of some extremely cold days.

Where are the positives? There are always some. When you’re hot, you’re not cold. When you’re cold, you’re not hot. When you’re in school, at least you’re not bored. When you’re bored out of school, on summer break, at least you’re not stressed. Let’s take a step back. Enjoy life. Enjoy the journey. Because if you look at everything underneath a microscope, checking for the imperfections, life will swim by out of your sight, and you definitely don’t want to wait for that to happen.


Goodbye- (Rakin Baten)

(This is Rakin Baten’s post he had issues posting) So today my sister left for New York and isn’t coming back for a whole month. I haven’t been away with my sister for at most two days, so I don’t know how month is going to work out. In a weird way I can feel her absence and it makes me a bit sad; there’s no loud music playing throughout the house, there’s no TV airing Community in the afternoon, and there isn’t someone to take the fall for cleaning the dishes. I actually didn’t think I would miss her but it’s only the first day and just the thought of her being gone for a month is a bit hard to believe. On the plus side, she’s gone for a month. There won’t be any loud pop music playing in the background. Or the TV will be free in the afternoon and I can do anything with it in the afternoon. Sure I have to take the fall for not cleaning the dishes, but I don’t have to share any of the pizza I might order. And with my mom practically asleep or in the garden half the time the house is basically mine. With my sister gone I have the liberty to do what I want when I want. Honestly my sister has helped me out more times than I can count. She’s read my essays before the night before they were due, she made dinner for the both us, and she even helped me study for some tests. And besides you’re my only sister, how can I not miss you. And I really have to say I am going to miss you despite all the numerous benefits to your absence And if you’re reading this apu I really do hope you’re having fun up in New York and I hope you can come back soon.

A Saturday Well Spent

Hello hello! 

So, today was a productive Saturday! Firstly, I got my lab report done last night which is amazing hallelujah! Then, this morning I woke up at 9 to go to the Science Center for free! Every first weekend of every month, Bank of America lets its card holders get into selected museums around the country, which I think is pretty cool. So, I visited the Orlando Science Center for the first time today. My first thought was that it was really crowded. There were small children everywhere. Everywhere. To be honest, I’m not really a people person, so that means I’m definitely not a small-child/screaming baby type person. Other than the tiny humans everywhere, I must say that I had a good time! I think I was the only student/child there that was over 5’7″. Image 

My favorite part was seeing the animals on the first floor. Up above you will see the simulated swamp-ish environment that was created on the first floor made for cute little turtles, some catfish, a snapping turtle (that seemed to be stick between the wall and a log, but fortunately enough, it wasn’t) and some striped baby alligators.ImageHere you’ll see a snake sticking it’s tongue out, which I find very amusing. The next picture makes my skin crawl…ImageHere you have a Chilean rose hair spider, and although we may come from the same place, I really wish we didn’t. I’m not sure why I took a picture of this actually, because I’m arachnophobic.

ImageRight here we have your garden-variety Skink, which although you might expect it to, it does not stink, it’s favorite color is not pink, and it does not live under a sink.

So, after I went to the museum, I went shopping at the outlets and came home. I realized that it would be time to undo my tie-dye shirt.Image I did and I think it came out really well! There you have it, a Saturday well spent.

Tie Dye

Hey guys please forgive me that this is late but it’s May!!!! School is almost over and I think it’s time for a really long break. And before school ends we all know that tests, exams and EOCs/AP exams are coming up. Good luck to everyone who is taking the AP Environmental and Physiology Monday.So today in Ms. Spillane’s class we did something really really fun and I was looking forward to it the past few days. We were tie dying!!!!! This gloomy Friday morning I spent dying two of my white shirts in complete different sets of colors: one in school colors and one with all the colors of the rainbow. Well actually Elizabeth did the ones with the random colors. But a lot of things has happened before that…


I’ve been having this really bad cough and sinus congestion that didn’t let me talk for a few days and now that I’m getting my voice back it hurts soooo much. When I didn’t have my voice I couldn’t eat anything because my teeth hurt badly and I’ve spent a few days eating baby food. Yumm. But today my dad had texted me that I finally got a doctors appointment that afternoon at 4:15 and my sister at 4:30 for her sprained knee. Und ja das ist nicht gut. 

Not only that but tomorrow I have a regional championship for those who don’t know I compete in TKD across Florida and the US. So tomorrow I plan on working really hard and doing well. I went to my dojo and had trained three hours today. One hour was forms, the second hour was gymnastics for my form and the last hour was for my fighting and endurance. Talk about being tired.


I needed an escape. I need an escape from all the pressure faced in school, that the end of the year is so close yet so far. And I have to thank Ms. Spillane for giving me that little escape. This tie dying gave me so many ideas and I decided that once I was my school colored shirt tomorrow I’m going to buy glitter glue and write “2016 Gonzalez” on it. I plan on wearing that one to my ROTC competitions…. If I still have ROTC next year 😔.


So to contiune, I walked into Ms. Spillane’s class all excited about dying my shirt. Ask Lizzie she knows how excited I was. Then Elizabeth started to complain that her shirt didn’t look as good as mine do I told her I would buy her an entire tie dying kit just for her to use and dye as many shirts, bags, socks, underwear etc. as she wants. Then she said she loved me. (She is bae sorry guys lol). But honestly even with the bad weather, that really hard chemistry test (well jk I thought it was easy) and that Socratic in German, today was a really good day. I have to say the tie dye was the highlight of my day.


Finally I want to thank Andrew and Ms. Spillane for actually making this happen. Without the two of them we wouldn’t all be matching the day of our AP exam. And hopefully of we ever tie dye again everyone can participate and do it as the IB family we are. 


I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your tie dye shirts!!! ImageImage