Summer is Almost Here!

Hi Guys! 

I am so excited for summer! Aren’t you all?

Summer is an amazing break from school and IB! However, we have to do our summer assignments for next year! Summer assignments are not fun. So I decided to volunteer because volunteer is fun and you get to help other people. The places I picked are extraordinary. Extraordinary because when you volunteer at these programs you have an excellent chance of communicating with our community (and not playing games, or social networking). I picked Florida Hospital Kissimmee and Give Kids The World!

Give Kids The World is an amazing place where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are provided with memorable, magical, and cost-free experiences. I intend to volunteer here because I like the way we,  the volunteers, get to communicate, laugh and have fun with the children and their families. Give Kids The World includes world-famous theme parks. Doesn’t it sound fun? You should try it too.

Florida Hospital Kissimmee volunteer program is also going to be a great experience for you to communicate. When you volunteer at Florida Hospital, you get to talk to patients and you help them with what they need. Sometimes you can also talk to them to keep them comfortable in an hospital environment. To volunteer at Florida Hospital Kissimmee, you have to attend an orientation and then schedule your interviews. Volunteer at Florida Hospital!

Volunteer and have a great summer fellow classmates!

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