Daytona, here we come!!!

Well, I’ve got my bags packed- bathing suits, outfits, dark tanning oil, sunglasses, book- I think I’m ready for the beach!! I’ve been waiting for this weekend since like… Forever ago! I cant wait. In just an hour and a half I will be at the Seabreeze Resort on Daytona Beach with my best friend in the entire world! (Analiese :3)
We’ve left school early, gotten all our things ready and now we’re off! Sitting squeezed in the back of her truck driving to a place I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else! Its gonna be so fun! I’ve never been to Daytona beach so this weekend I hope is going to be one to remember!! The weather is going to be nice, no clouds or rain! Perfect for tanning ;)… So I hope Daytona is ready for us… Cause we are on out way!


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