Bowling Banquet! (Christine Chan)

Today is May 16th, the day after AP world history exam which our class had been worked hard all year on. More likely, we’ve worked more hard in these weeks, just right before the AP exam. But everyone seems pretty confidence and did well on it, and that is enough to show what we had done all year and actually learned something. And the following day, which is today, everyone was expecting less and easy work to celebrate our success and victory, but it did not actually happened. We got more projects and essays we have to do in the remaining two weeks. But at least we had gone through it really well and get one big thing done before summer.

Setting apart from talking about these school works, I attended a really meaningful event today. Tonight, we had our banquet for our bowling team. I joined the bowling team in fall this school year and it is the first year I’d ever play sport in school.I was proud to be part of the team. I joined the team from a really average player to making lots of improvements and even scored a really high score when we were at the districts. And tonight, we celebrated our success although we did not make through the districts. We also thanked our coach and all the people that helped our team to get better. I received an award but I knew without them, my teammates and my parents, I couldn’t make it. I am thankful to have them to teach me in bowling techniques and encouraged me during the bowling season. There are also some really good players who even received scholarship for bowling for college and I would really miss them a lot next year. Joining the bowling team was a really fun experience and I also developed my interest in it. It also took away all my stress for a few hours of each day with lots of school works as part of IB. I really enjoyed it and I would never give up this opportunity and will continue to join and develop better skills in bowling.


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