Universal Language

Music is such a beautiful thing. It is amazing to think that we, humans, have created such a wonderful thing. We resort to music when we’re under any circumstance. Each song can express our mood. We listen to music when we’re happy, sad, angry, in love, or just trying to have some fun. We listen to music when we’re studying, showering, or even sleeping. Not only can we make music with our fingers, but we can also make music through our vocals. Each note, each beat means so much. I love music because it’s a way for me to express myself. Each song represents a tiny part of who I am, and what I enjoy. Music is also a way for us to connect with other people. When you share a song with someone, you are basically share a part of yourself with them. It gives us so much joy when you tell somebody to hear a song and they hear it and like it. Not only to humans have the ability to make music, but so does nature. The crickets chirping, the birds tweeting, or the waves crashing against one another is another form of music; It is the way mother nature expresses herself. Music comes from the bottom of the heart. Even if a song is in a language you don’t understand, the music can make your heart melt and that’s what I think is beautiful. Music requires no words, no actions, just a pair of ears and a warm heart and that’s why music is the absolute universal language.

** This was inspired by the chorus concert that I attended today, good job to whoever was a part of it. 🙂

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