Goodbye- (Rakin Baten)

(This is Rakin Baten’s post he had issues posting) So today my sister left for New York and isn’t coming back for a whole month. I haven’t been away with my sister for at most two days, so I don’t know how month is going to work out. In a weird way I can feel her absence and it makes me a bit sad; there’s no loud music playing throughout the house, there’s no TV airing Community in the afternoon, and there isn’t someone to take the fall for cleaning the dishes. I actually didn’t think I would miss her but it’s only the first day and just the thought of her being gone for a month is a bit hard to believe. On the plus side, she’s gone for a month. There won’t be any loud pop music playing in the background. Or the TV will be free in the afternoon and I can do anything with it in the afternoon. Sure I have to take the fall for not cleaning the dishes, but I don’t have to share any of the pizza I might order. And with my mom practically asleep or in the garden half the time the house is basically mine. With my sister gone I have the liberty to do what I want when I want. Honestly my sister has helped me out more times than I can count. She’s read my essays before the night before they were due, she made dinner for the both us, and she even helped me study for some tests. And besides you’re my only sister, how can I not miss you. And I really have to say I am going to miss you despite all the numerous benefits to your absence And if you’re reading this apu I really do hope you’re having fun up in New York and I hope you can come back soon.

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