A Saturday Well Spent

Hello hello! 

So, today was a productive Saturday! Firstly, I got my lab report done last night which is amazing hallelujah! Then, this morning I woke up at 9 to go to the Science Center for free! Every first weekend of every month, Bank of America lets its card holders get into selected museums around the country, which I think is pretty cool. So, I visited the Orlando Science Center for the first time today. My first thought was that it was really crowded. There were small children everywhere. Everywhere. To be honest, I’m not really a people person, so that means I’m definitely not a small-child/screaming baby type person. Other than the tiny humans everywhere, I must say that I had a good time! I think I was the only student/child there that was over 5’7″. Image 

My favorite part was seeing the animals on the first floor. Up above you will see the simulated swamp-ish environment that was created on the first floor made for cute little turtles, some catfish, a snapping turtle (that seemed to be stick between the wall and a log, but fortunately enough, it wasn’t) and some striped baby alligators.ImageHere you’ll see a snake sticking it’s tongue out, which I find very amusing. The next picture makes my skin crawl…ImageHere you have a Chilean rose hair spider, and although we may come from the same place, I really wish we didn’t. I’m not sure why I took a picture of this actually, because I’m arachnophobic.

ImageRight here we have your garden-variety Skink, which although you might expect it to, it does not stink, it’s favorite color is not pink, and it does not live under a sink.

So, after I went to the museum, I went shopping at the outlets and came home. I realized that it would be time to undo my tie-dye shirt.Image I did and I think it came out really well! There you have it, a Saturday well spent.

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