Hey guys! This is my second time posting for slice of life! I really enjoyed it the first time and would love to do it again, so here i am! Hope you enjoy. Today is monday April twenty-eighth two thousand thirteen! That means today is election day! As many of you may know there are IBSO officers and this year many people are running for those officer positions. G-Hall is plastered with tons of posters, sparkly ones, light up ones, moving ones, plain ones, meme ones, selfie ones, colorful ones and huge photos of the candidate ones. As perfectly summed up by Sarah Abel “IB kids are so extra.” Yes they are, yes they are. Through these elections you see the true side of people. During elections people turn cold and attack their competitors. They start rumors and talk bad about their own peers. I believe that any of those running that turn to dirty tactics should not be elected.
The period of the voting everyone is shouting “Vote ….” , “….. is the best” , “…… for vp” and it is extremely desperate xD I find it really funny. A word to the wise, desperation is never the answer
But the big shocker is the news that there was a super mega tie in the elections. People in three categories came extremely close to winning, many votes were in single digit differences. Angie El-Said and Saad Chowdhury for president, Joshua Chang and Andrew Hellinger for Vice president, and Christine Chan and Erine Kay for treasurer. So now every IB student has to go on google documents and revote between the two people in the three categories.
Now everyone has to wait and see who wins these run-off elections. I wish everyone the best of luck in the elections, may the best candidate win!

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