The truth about Jealousy

Everyone has desired something they can’t have. Either it it’s food or a person; everyone wants something. Although, as someone desires grow; a evil green monster begins to grow.

That monster, that gut reaching monster. That monster that tugs at your heart. The one that deceive your mind your soul. It cause you to feel true hatred or ragging anger.  It makes you do things that wouldn’t normally do.  It’s the pit of evil in your soul.

This monster, that green little monster only brings sadness and disappoint. How can something so wretched and disgusting be within your spirit? Why, why do we fell this way; why do we struggle with something so trivial? I want that, I want this. These words are said daily; why aren’t there words said. I’m grateful for what I have, I’m satisfied with what I have. If these words were said daily would that green little monster be there.  Of course, it’s in our human DNA; it’s a human characteristics.

Why do we crave something we can’t have?  We see someone wearing the latest styles and can’t help but want them. Or your ex has moved on and you can’t seem but hate your new replacement. People do dangerous things when they can’t have something they want. It could stealing,  physical abuse or murder. The only way to prevent this little monster of growing is be grateful for what you have.  The next time you feel that green little monster coming up to the surface lock it up and swallow the key.




2 thoughts on “The truth about Jealousy

  1. Hmmm, wow interesting. I agree thats its human nature…but people who I hang out with or know…really aren’t that jealous because we are bonded by our lovely friendship and trust and yada yada. So, yeah jealousy honestly is EVERYWHERE! I wish people could just think for a second and understand why they are like that?
    Thanks for this friend, it actually can open other bloggers,people and reader’s minds. 🙂

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