Nothing Was the Same, Cuz Its Friday

As the artist Rebecca Black sang “It’s Friday, Friday,, everybody looking forward to the weekend”. Most people have plans of Friday. Whether it be hanging out with their friends or eating out with family, its the last day of the work week, and the beginning of a relaxing weekend. I actually had plans to hang out with my cousins in Tampa, but sadly I cannot hang out with them because their dad, my godfather, left with my parents on an emergency trip to California. So here I am, home alone with my sister, who is probably sleeping or texting.

So what is a bored teen like I to do in the midst of a boring Friday night? I went to Eagle Park originally to play some basketball, but none of my friends were there and it was pretty much empty, so I just shot around for a half hour and walked back home. Since I have nothing else to do, I minus well listen to music. I just went into my room, closed the door, and blasted music on my phone. In fact, I am listening to music and sitting on my bed as I write this.

Music is something that we all find very special to our hearts. Some of us prefer contemporary music such as the likings of Justin Timberlake, Drake, or Jhene Aiko, whereas others may still like the old classics of Michael Jackson, 2Pac, or Elvis. No matter what you listen to, we all share one thing in common about music: we listen to it to “feed our soul” and listen for our pleasure and enjoyment, which is universal among all music listeners. Where words fail, music speaks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember, when you are really bored and have nothing to do, do your homework, because we have a lot of it right now. Just kidding :), but really, listen to music, because it always puts us in our own little peaceful world where we can relax and forget about the world. As I like to say, headphones in world out.

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